# Introduction

In one sentence, ChiefOnboarding is an open-source remote-first employee onboarding platform that helps you streamline the employee experience for both the new hire and you through Slack or the web portal.

With ChiefOnboarding you can create generic new hire timelines and apply them to specific new hires. Timelines are designed in a way that it will reduce the overwhelming feeling that a new hire often gets on their first few days and increases overall quality due to consistency.

Let's start at the beginning. Your new hire just said: "Yeah! I want to work for you" and you both signed the contracts. Up next, you need to make sure that your new hire knows things like the dress code, when they should start and what to expect from their first few days. That's often called pre-boarding.

With our pre-boarding module, you can create several pages with information, pictures, files, lists and so on with everything that your new hire needs to know. You can even add custom forms that will allow you to get some information from your new hire before they start. How about asking them for their favorite snack and adding that to their goodie pack to surprise them?

Oh... but someone needs to make that goodie pack, right? That's why we created our "tasks" module. In the timeline you can add tasks that will be created for your colleagues. Those are automatically created and colleagues will be notified of them. Colleagues are able to leave comments and check them off. They can even collaborate with others on a shared task.

In the meantime, our Slack bot will send your team a message letting them know that someone is starting very soon. Your colleagues will be able to leave a custom welcome message, which will show up in the new hire's preboarding pages. Talking about keeping it personal!

It's a few days before the new hire starts. It's probably a good idea to give the buddy and manager a quick heads-up about the new hire starting soon - better be safe than sorry. Add a custom Slack/Email/Text message in the timeline so they will be reminded on time.

Oh no, you still need to set up their user accounts (Slack, Google, Asana etc) to give them access to the things they will need. Your IT department is already clocking in overtime... Our account provisioning module will take care of that for you! Add the integrations to your timeline on the day you want and let the platform create the accounts for them.

It's the new hire's first day and your new hire gets to meet a lot of people in your Slack team. To avoid any awkward conversations, your new hire can look into the colleagues directory to see who does what. Even better yet, you can send colleague introductions directly to your new hire. This is great for introducing their direct coworkers.

Up next, you need to get their Github ID to be able to add them to your organization repo. With our "To do" module you can ask them for their ID and automatically add them to Github once they complete that [very soon]. You can easily follow up on those to do items and remind them if they are late on one (this can also be automated by the way). Got a quick assessment for them to complete? Throw it in a to do item and have them complete it!

Adding too many to do items could be a bit demotivating. Especially if they are mostly boring things that just need to get done. You can obviously spread them over the first few days/weeks, but that might not be enough. We hear you... How about rewarding them with a badge? Throw a condition in the timeline that waits for a few to do items to be completed and then sends them a custom message with a reward. As easy as that.

Over the next few weeks, they will have to learn a lot of things. General things like how to request a holiday or how to collect their paycheck come to mind. With our "Resources" module, you can easily create small wiki's with all the information they need. You can let them go through the resource by themselves, or convert it to a course to validate that they actually read through it all.

Those timelines are extremely flexible. We understand that every company is different and that you need a custom approach to your onboarding plan.

# Privacy

We care about your privacy. ChiefOnboarding does not contain any weird or creepy trackers and you can even host it on your own servers if you really want full control over it. You will probably find that some of the integrations require quite a lot of permissions from a third party. I want to emphasise here that ChiefOnboarding does not ping home, ever! We will never receive any information from your server.

For companies that use our servers, we can collect error logs for them. This will ensure quick bug fixes and therefore also greater stability of the platform. This is always on an opt-in basis - it's disabled by default.

# Support

Currently (Sept 2020 - June 2021), we have an average response time to questions of 1 hour and an average response time of 2 hours for bug fixes (actually fixing the bug, not just acknowledging the bug report). While those aren't official SLAs, we do our best to keep those averages as low as they are. Email support is only part of our paid plans, users hosting their own copy will have to default back to Github issues (and it takes more time to get back to you - paying customers are always in the priority queue). With the hosted package, you get the best of both worlds: the openness of open source software with the fast support of a premium software package.

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