# Asana

If you want to add people to an Asana team, you can do that through this integration. Please note that we can't create Asana accounts for them (limits from the Asana API, unfortunately). The best way to use this is to create a to do item and ask the new hire to create an account with their corporate email address. Then set up a sequence that triggers this integration once the new hire completes the to do item.

  1. Access your developer console in Asana
  2. Click on "New access token" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill in anything you want. Probably best to enter something like "Access token for ChiefOnboarding".
  4. Check the "I agree...." box.
  5. Click on "Create token".
  6. Copy the token and add it under settings -> integration in ChiefOnboarding.

You are now able to add accounts for new hires to your teams.