# Changelog

# v1.2.14

  • Remove google delete user

# v1.2.13

  • Add deploy to DigitalOcean button
  • Add deploy to Render button

# v1.2.12

  • healthcheck url + allowed hosts fix
  • Update docker image number

# v1.2.11

  • additional update regarding v1.2.10

# v1.2.10

  • Update slack add bot redirect button - remove legacy bot permissions

# v1.2.9

  • Fix bug with adding introduction/appointment items

# v1.2.8

  • Remove old signals file (old setup)
  • Fix not being able to add to do items through 'add sequence' button
  • Fix showing empty 'to do' conditions on new hire timeline

# v1.2.7

  • Adding default username/password to dev docker-compose file
  • Adding migrate cache table to dev docker-compose file
  • Adding node_modules to gitignore
  • Updates for Django Q. Stop having it redo every failing task indefinitely.

# v1.2.6

  • Show error message when trying to send Slack test message without Slack account attached
  • Fix showing preboarding preview part in a sequence
  • Fix Slack syncing issue
  • Update Django dep to newest version
  • Update Docker version number (routine task)
  • Fix showing old data in sequences (when adding a new one)

# v1.2.5

  • Fix docker copy command

# v1.2.4

  • Simplify docker setup (remove folders that are not necessary in container)

# v1.2.3

  • Putting new hire start date further in the future (fixtures)
  • Fix for blocking collectstatic on restart of container
  • Enforcing email address of admin account to be lowercase. The email address would always be registered as lowercase and could therefore output incorrect info (on first run - creating admin account).
  • Updated Docker version

# v1.2.2

  • Another docker build fix

# v1.2.1

  • A docker build fix

# v1.2.0

  • TOTP 2FA support. You can now use andOTP, Aegis authenticator, Google authenticator, Authy or any other OTP app that you use to set up 2FA (with QR code).
  • New editor and video support TipTap. We now support native video upload to S3. It will show up as a video in the portal and as a normal link in Slack.
  • SMTP support
  • Refactor Docker setup. Swapping Celery with Django Q. All running with supervisor now. Redis is now deprecated.

# v1.1.0

  • Docker image
  • Heroku deployment

# v1.0.0

  • Automatically add new hires when they join Slack (optionally)
  • Subject to custom email message. Used to be "Here is a quick update"
  • Default sequences. Sequences that are always added to new hires by default.